A timely reminder today to check that all the links that lead from your site still lead to where you think they do! Ensure that any outgoing links don’t point to bad neighbourhoods or sites of dubious quality which may not just affect your PageRank and ranking, but also offend your users. This should be an integral part of your website maintenance plan.

There are some sites which have thousands of outbound links, which can cause a problem as domains change hands all the time and what seemed like a link to a great article on “Caring for your carpet” may well be more about how to get carpet burns the next!

However, there are some great tools for checking your links are going to the right places, in good neighbourhoods which won’t damage your reputation.

Fir starters you can use Live.com‘s LinkFromDomain search. The protocol is linkfromdomain:yoursite.com. If this throws up thousands of results, you can then search for obvious indicators of dodgy sites eg cialis, viagra, sex, porn, etc.

If you do get thousands of results, depending on how frivolous you are about outbound links, perhaps it might be worth thinking about the value of these links to your users. Do you really need thousands of links, or might they be taking your visitors away from your site instead of keeping them within it?

Live Webmaster tools offer an outbound link checker as well for malware and suspicious sites, which also shows you what other domains your users are surfing to from within your site. This is worth keeping an eye to see whether there are any possibilities for JVs, reciprocal links, affilaite programs etc that would suit your target audience.

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