With the amount of time spent browsing the Internet on mobile devices on the increase, it has become important to ensure that the mobile version of a site has been correctly optimised.

Writing for Search Engine Land, Bryson Meunier, has created a list detailing seven mobile SEO myths that many have fallen into believing.

Here are just a few of those aforementioned myths in a summarised form:

Myth 1 – Metatxt must be included in Mobile SEO:

Metatxt files aren’t supported by either Google or Bing; as the two aforementioned search engines currently dominate the mobile market, this means that even if you implement metatxt files, they won’t increase your site’s visibility in an SERP (search engine results page).

Whilst metatxt files can help with indexing, if your content is already well indexed, there isn’t much point.

It has also been shown in a Resolution Media study that none of the sites that ranked in Google had metatxt standard.

Myth 2 – Queries made on mobiles are shorter:

Google research, released back in 2009, revealed that searches made on mobile devices were not that much shorter than those made on a computer (around 2.44 words in mobile queries compared to 2.93 words on a computer).

It has also been revealed that users of the iPhone use exactly the same number of words on average in queries as computer-based searchers (2.93), Meunier adds.

Myth 3 – Your mobile site must have a sitemap:

Mobile sitemaps are useful – as an indexing tool and making Google aware that you want your site’s content to be listed in an index of accessible mobile content.

However, when indexing smart phone content, it isn’t needed, a point provided by Google’s John Mueller.

Providing further proof, Muenier references the Resolution Media study, stating that none of the ranking sites in that study use mobile sitemaps.

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