Although it is impossible to know exactly what is going to happen within the world of SEO, Sujan Patel, writing for Search Engine Journal, has stated that there are five facts that everyone in the industry should be aware of.

He states that these five facts will play a huge role in SEO for years to come and those that take note will succeed in the long run.

Here are just three of those five aforementioned facts in a summarised form:

Fact 1 – Content will remain vital: Despite the introduction of Google’s Panda algorithm earlier in the year – which saw SERPs (search engine results pages) cleared of the content produced by content farms, Patel argues that content remains king.

He finishes by stating that webmasters focused on providing quality content will succeed in the long run – as opposed to those that focus on cheap, spammy articles, which search engines are looking to ‘weed out’.

Fact 2 – SEO for various platforms will increase in importance: Smart phones and tablet devices are increasingly becoming a platform of choice for users when browsing the web; as a result it is important to ensure that your site is optimised for each of these various platforms.

Face 3 – Personalised searches will become widespread: Bing has already launched a personalised search function;  this element of search is expected to become a common feature on other search engines in the future too – providing users with results based on their previous search queries.

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