Google’s announcement that its Chrome browser will offer automatic translation of websites in a number of languages could prove significant for companies looking to boost their traffic through organic search, according to one expert.

Sam Tilson, marketing director of, which specialises in selling memory sticks and cards for cameras, phones and other devices, said that those involved in search engine marketing could harness auto-translation to gain exposure in growing markets such as China.

According to Google, when the language of a website is different to a user’s default setting, Chrome will ask them if they want Google Translate to convert it.

The search engine said such tools will help to make online information "universally accessible in an easy, frictionless way".

However, Mr Tilson said that while auto-translation could potentially mean bigger audiences, ecommerce sites will have to consider whether they want their pages to be available to visitors who ultimately may be unable to make a purchase.

According to Internet World Statistics, English speakers are the largest group on the web with 478 million users. This is followed by Chinese speakers on 384 million and Spanish speakers on 137 million.

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