Over the last 12 months the use of Search Engine Marketing to drive relevant traffic from search engines has become much higher on the agenda of many businesses and marketing professionals.

Most web savvy marketers know that a properly implemented Pay Per Click Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns can drive huge volumes of traffic and has the potential to create a regular stream of new business opportunities. However, if your site is not geared up properly to maximise the number of conversions from search engine traffic, then it is counter-productive and wasteful to spend several thousand pounds on Search Engine Marketing.

Put bluntly, a web site that does not follow basic conversion tactics results in potential customers leaking away and never returning.

One element of conversion enhancement lies in following best practices when writing your web site copy. Here are 5 tips for improving web site copy:

Killer Headlines

Write clear, bold headlines on each of your pages that draw in the reader and encourage them to read on. Remember the 2 second rule: you really only have 2 to 3 seconds to grab the average users’ attention.

Ask Questions

Speak directly to your visitors and ask them direct questions that make them think about what benefits you are offering. For example, do you want to improve the conversion rate of your web site?

Scan Proofing

Keeping your web site content in short width lengths makes it much easier for visitors to read. One of the biggest turn offs to visitors is having a wall of text that goes across the full width of your pages – and this is a sure way to lose them.


Highlighting important words or phrases in bold or italics makes scan reading easier. Remember that the average visitor will not read your content word for word, they will naturally scan over the page. If key points or benefits are highlighted this will grab their attention and will encourage them to stay and convert.

Calls to Action

Including calls to actions in your body content improves the exposure of your most desired actions and will help improve conversion rates. Your sites most desired actions could be any number of things including a quote request or brochure download.


Make sure you include calls to actions or links to other relevant content at the bottom of all your pages. This encourages your visitors to go deeper into your site once they have finished scan reading a page.

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About the author:

Phil Robinson is an online marketing consultant with over 17 years experience in marketing planning, internet strategy and online acquisition. In 2004, Phil founded ClickThrough, an ethical search marketing agency. He gives best practice training for businesses, runs seminars and writes books on digital marketing.