I always like Seth Godin’s posts and this one is no different.

As a marketer, how often do you take the time to think out of the box and do something slightly different? Not just for your clients but also for your own business?

When marketing a local business eg the Mexican restaurant, then how much does it really cost to send out a $10 voucher? Many people will throw it away, or file it away and forget about it. But even if you get a 3% conversion rate, that is a whole host of new visitors to impress, giving a potential high return on investment for that marketing.

And this highlights to me one of the most important facets of marketing that many websites fail to deliver upon. Yes, you can spend your money on fliers, or PPC, or SEO, and draw visitors to your site, but just as that Mexican restaurant will need to, you must deliver when they walk in the door (enter your website) and throughout the meal (site visit experience).

Take a long hard look at your website today and the goals you are aiming to achieve.

The Mexican restaurant is trying to rebuild its brand and image, establish a new and loyal customer base, serve up great food and good experience to each customer who walks in the door. Not only will it bring in new custom but how they treat each of those visitors brandishing their $10 discount voucher will dictate how many of those goals they achieve, and whether those visitors convert to long term customers who spread the name of the business by word of mouth.

And your website is no different. The marketing does not end with the PPC or SEO or calls to action on your site. The marketing continues through into the back office and your systems, how your receptionist answers the phone or email enquiries, how well your e-commerce system works and how simple it is to use, how quickly you deliver the product, how well your customer services team respond to complaints or difficulties, and so on.

And on top of all that, it is about the flourishes that you addto make everything just that little bit more special and unique for your customers, potential and actual.

The Mexican restaurant might throw in a chilli chocolate freebie with the liqueur coffee at the end of the meal, just as you could add a link to free manuals for your products, examples and case studies of how other customers have used your products and services to reduce their bottom line, make money, save time, etc. It is those additional touches that will make all the difference.

You could package your parcels up with a discount voucher inside for the next purchase or an ‘Introduce a new customer’ offer but those are for your benefit eg in encouraging new sales.

What you need to offer has to be 100% for the benefit of the customer to show them that you care. Like a freebie chilli chocolate scrumptious delight.

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