Seth Godin’s post about Poisoning the Well points out oh so clearly what we are all fed up with, as people rather than marketers, with what is being done to force-sell us products, to sneakily rob our data and flog it, to constantly undermine our faith in human nature by marketers.

Just looking at this morning’s bundle of post, once again a trip to the recycling is required just to dispose of it, thereby putting the onus on us, as consumers, to rid the doormat of totally unwanted and unrequested rubbish.

Seth’s advice is to be generous. To attempt to change the bad name that has been given to marketing by being scrupulous, honest, generous, fair, just, and, in essence, let’s harp back to that goold ol’ phrase from the Water Babies (if my memory serves me correctly) to ‘do as you would be done by’.

I think it goes further than just generosity. Spring is here. The cherry blossoms are just appearing on the trees on the village green, the lambs are leaping around the fields, it is a natural time for feeling good after the long haul of the winter, wherever you may live. (Unless it’s in the Southern Hemisphere, of course!). Perhaps even love is in the air. So, on that note, think about loving your customers, and showing that you care.

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