Retweeting is all the rage at the moment, and is an excellent way to share information, opinions, blog posts, useful links and so on with your ‘crowd’, community or customers. There is an excellent guide to retweeting  from AJ Vaynerchuck

As the post states, it is a natural instinct to want to share something with others that you have found interesting, inspirational, funny, or controversial. Retweeting allows you to do that easily, but you can also do it easily with blogs that you read using one of a variety of tools that are available.

Why would you reblog? Exactly the same reasons as you would retweet, as laid out in the above guide, but also there are other reasons. Your blog is the place to share your expertise, opinions and so on, and you may well find information that you know will be of interest to your readers. Instead of just posting a link to someone else’s blog, you can cut chunks out of their blog and then post your comments on them.

Tools such as Zemanta not only help you to reblog other people’s posts, but also help your readers to reblog your posts, which helps you to garner links for your site. There are many other reblogging tools out there, so why not pick one and give it a go?

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