Search engine marketing professionals will be avidly awaiting the impending announcement by Google related to advertising algorithms.

The search engine giant is to unveil new algorithms to determine which advertisement takes top spot on a search page in the next few weeks, according to blog searchengineland.

It is predicted on the blog that the algorithm for the top advertising space will be worked out using the quality and maximum cost-per-click figure (CPC) of the advertiser, rather than the actual CPC used for the other paid rankings.

This "stricter threshold" will lead to better quality advertisements occupying top spot, the blog cites Nick Fox, product manager of Ad Quality at Google, as suggesting.

Last week, a search engine optimisation (SEO) company from the United States was named as the world’s best SEO firm, with Atlanta-based Medium Blue grabbing the award courtesy of PromotionWorld for its services, diversity, value, customer service and site popularity.

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