Internet giant Yahoo! has announced that it is to host an online-only debate among the US Democratic presidential candidates.

All eight of the candidates will attend, including the front-runners, Barack Obama and the former first lady Hilary Clinton.

Recently YouTube and CNN provided a similar debate, inviting viewers to send in their questions, which the candidates then answered, but this was broadcast on cable television.

Mike Folgner, Yahoo’s general manager for video, said: "One of our strategies is to put video everywhere you are on the internet.

"We’re going to build a much better destination for you to access all this different content."

The run-up to this presidential campaign has seen the internet and online marketing play an important role that has not been seen in previous years.

Both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama first announced their intentions to run on their respective websites.

And recently John Edwards has switched his campaign strategy to focus much more on the internet.

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