A US search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing company has been acquired by advertising firm DWGB, it has emerged.

DWGB Advertising and Communications announced today that it would take over Argus Interactive, a provider of full internet marketing, website development and design.

Managing partner of DGWB Mandi Dossin said that the move had come amid a great deal of interest and activity in the online marketing sector.

"Microsoft recently acquired a Quantive for $6 billion (£2.95 billion), Google took in $10.5 billion in ad revenue last year and the industry spending in search engine marketing is up over 62 percent from 2005," she said.

She added that people would continue to develop their relationship with brands through web-based advertising and concluded that the acquisition was a natural next step.

Chris Diede, Argus Interactive’s president and founder said that the company had developed a solid working relationship following recent collaborations.

"We realised that our combined talents would help solidify our mutual desire to nurture customer relationships through one-on-one communications," he said.

Last week PromotionWorld named Medium Blue as the number one company in the field based on its services, diversity, value, customer service and site popularity.

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