Yahoo! has launched a new feature on its site designed to optimise searches, according to the official company blog.

The new feature, entitled Search Suggest, aims to help users locate what they are looking for faster by offering suggestions.

According to the blog, the feature is not entirely new as it has been available in Firefox toolbar format for some time, however it has never before been available to

Yahoo! spokesman Kevin Lee says on the blog that the Search Suggest will not only save users time, but will make their searches easier.

"Let’s say . . . I type ‘Arnold S’ in the search box and the suggestions [offer] Arnold Schwarzenegger, [this will save] me from trying to spell out his last name," he said.

He added: "Not only does the feature eliminate my embarrassment of misspellings, it makes for a much more efficient search experience."

According to a study by Hitwise, Yahoo!’s decision to integrate Flickr photo-sharing to its image search has given Flickr a 38 per cent increase in its US market share.

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