The key differentiator between search engine optimisation and pay-per-click marketing campaigns is the lifespan of either approach, one expert has claimed.

Writing for TechLinks, Scott Buresh of Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing said that while pay-per-click marketing can be seen as more of an advertising investment, search engine optimisation is more akin to an investment in infrastructure.

In terms of metrics, however, it is unfair to apply the same rules to both techniques, Mr Buresh said. While per-click costs can be measured in real time, it will not tell the whole story when examining the impact of search engine optimisation.

A pay-per-click campaign has a definite "beginning and end" – namely, when a company starts and ceases paying for the service – whereas the benefits of search engine optimisation can last months after the investment, he claims.

"The results gained from hiring a search engine optimisation company, although an search engine optimisation campaign can take much longer to implement, will outlast the results from a pay-per-click campaign if a business ever needs to cut spending," said Mr Buresh.

A report by E-consultancy revealed last month that 68 per cent of companies in the UK that pay for search engine optimisation get returns in excess of 300 per cent.

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