Many online advertisers and retailers see the acquisition of a generic domain name (GDN) as necessary, one expert has suggested.

According to a spokesman from, a UK-based domain registration services provider, there are many businesses that are opting for easy-to-find web addresses as part of a general "marketing spend".

Matt Mansell, managing director of the firm, said that acquisitions such as the £560,000 purchase of are an indicator that marketers have switched on to the GDN industry and that such moves are often "money well spent".

"One of the reasons why they are achieving [such high] prices is because the brands want the people who drive past some above the line advertising on the side of the road or on a billboard, to remember what they see, and follow it up," he advised.

Among the other GDNs to exchange for large sums recently are, which was bought in October last year for £150,000 and which sold for £130,425.

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