When it comes to boosting search engine optimisation (SEO) too much content can be bad for your ranking health, one expert has suggested.

In an article for Search Engine Land, SEO specialist Dave Feldman said that although having multiple versions of pages on a site should cause no real problems, where the pages are registered with different URLs this can be "hazardous".

He states that in these circumstances, search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo! are likely to view the pages as containing duplicate content and that in turn this could damage the perceived relevance of your site.

"In addition," he claims, "attempts to game the system by duplicating your pages will get your site flagged and your visibility will suffer. Instead, avoid … potential penalties by utilising a robots.txt or no index tag to keep multiple versions of your pages from being indexed."

However, he adds that it is important to bear in mind it is not so much ranking penalties that are damaged by duplicate content as it is link dilution. This, he claims can do more overall damage to your SEO campaign.

The site reported this week that "linking is still de rigueur" for those targeting the major search engines with their optimisation campaigns.

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