The importance of correct spelling in copy in order to improve search engine optimisation has been highlighted by an expert.

In a recent blog on BizReport, Helen Leggatt notes that although copy that appears on websites for search engine optimisation purposes may be spell-checked several times, errors and typos do still occur and these can cause problems on a website.

The blogger goes on to note that websites with large amounts of dynamic content from a number of different sources can find it difficult to keep up and as a result, more errors can get through unnoticed.

But a new paid-for service that monitors the spelling of all content on a website on a regular basis is currently being developed, she notes, adding that the tool could show search engine marketers where there are spelling mistakes.

And by being able to keep spelling accurate, website marketers may be able to stop turning off consumers.

In related news, BizReport recently noted that Google search terms may now be case sensitive and pointed out that this could have an effect on search engine marketing terms.

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