Updating a website with fresh content is vital to those looking to make their internet marketing strategy a success, it has been claimed.

According to expert Cheryline Lawson, search engines view regularly updated websites in a favourable light, the American Chronicle reports.

Ways in which marketers can ensure their websites are getting fresh content on a frequent basis include maintaining a blog and creating an archive of articles that is constantly updated, Ms Lawson explains.

Updates can take place daily, weekly or monthly, but any website that has fresh content regularly added to it will see a spider sent by search engines to crawl for new additions and index the site.

Marketers can either hire their own staff to write this content or employ a freelancer to do the job, Ms Lawson says.

Those who opt for the latter should make sure they obtain writing samples beforehand to make sure the copy is of the highest quality, she asserts, going on to advise that marketers take the time to examine all bids from freelancers carefully, rather than rushing into a decision.

Another expert, Peter Kent, recently told Newsday.com that relevant keywords are also important to those wanting to boost their online marketing success.

He said that the key thing to do is choose keywords that are the most relevant to the target audience.

Mr Kent explained that while it can be easy enough to guess which keywords are likely to be the most important to those searching for a particular product or service, others that may seen important may actually be irrelevant.

According to Newsday.com, it is worth checking the guidelines issued by each of the major search engines to make sure all copy is compliant with their requirements and potentially help to boost websites in search rankings.

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