There are just five search engines that are standing between Google and a lead in all of the global online search markets, according to the Financial Times (FT).

The newspaper states that while the search giant has the biggest slice of search market share in most countries, it is still behind others in Russia, the Czech Republic, Korea, China and Japan.

Yandex, Seznam, Naver, Baidu and Yahoo! Japan are all the leaders in each of these nations respectively, largely thanks to having dominated their specific markets from an early stage, according to experts.

Mohammad Gawdat of Google told the FT that the search engine’s failure to dominate certain regions may be down to late investment on the part of Google, as well as initially below-par search result quality compared with competitors.

However, he went on to explain that Google has made significant improvements in these areas and added: "It may take more time [to dominate], but who cares? The rest of the world is doing really well."

Google accounted for more than seven in ten US searches in August, according to recent Hitwise figures.

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