Marketers need to think carefully about their product and consumers’ likely search engine queries when making their initial keyword selection, Yahoo!’s Kastle Waserman has advised.

Writing on the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog, the search engine’s communications manager for advertiser solutions said marketers can choose up to 50 keywords when they open a new pay per click (PPC) account, but it may be better to pick "about ten very specific ones" to get the best results.

"If there’s one thing that makes a big impact on whether people will find you, it’s the keyword choices you make," she commented.

When making their selection, she added, marketing pros should think about their product, its place in the market and what the average consumer would type into a search engine if they were trying to find it.

Ultimately, in order to get a good return on investment, a PPC marketing campaign should look to bring in customers who are looking for "exactly what you have to offer", Ms Waserman added.

In related news, Microsoft has launched a new feature for its adCenter platform designed to help marketers more accurately track the traffic generated by their PPC ads.

ClickID removes duplicate visitor records caused by routine activities such as refreshing a landing page.

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