Companies considering new ways to market their merchandise and brands might benefit from increasingly focussing on the more feminine attributes of their products, an industry expert has said.

According to Belinda Parmer, writing on the Brand Republic blog, advertisers in business often concentrate on the rational unique selling points of items, which, as she says, is unsustainable as a long-term strategy.

Regarding her new iPhone, one consumer told Ms Parmer that it felt more real and human than other gadgets on the market.

"What’s much more unique is the emotional features of selling a technology product. How it feels to the user. The retail environment in which it is presented," she noted, adding technology brands should start building their campaigns "around a female mindset and agenda".

Earlier in the month, the head of mobile for the Internet Advertising Bureau Jon Mew suggested that those involved in online marketing services could be more entertaining in their strategies.

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