Digital advertisers could increase their conversion rates by enhancing their pay per click landing pages, an expert has said.

According to Graham Charlton, writing on the Econsultancy blog, when carrying out very specific searches on the internet, consumers are likely to already have an intention to purchase.

Therefore, it is necessary for those involved in online PR to guarantee the web page brought up following a mouse click is relevant and contains sufficient information to convince the shopper to convert.

"A good landing page is one that reinforces ‘conversion intent’," Mr Charlton observed, adding that marketers would improve the incidence of click-throughs by uniting the paid search ad to the landing page.

Earlier this month, Mr Charlton further advised advertisers and brands to consider reducing the number of buttons on their shopping pages, following the success of retailer Laura Ashley, which improved its conversion rates by 18.87 per cent after removing its ‘update shopping bag’ feature.

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