Internet-based brands need to consider ways to convince people to spend money on digital media, as they are used to receiving content for free, a new survey has indicated.

Findings from the Barometer – a YouGov survey commissioned by KPMG – have revealed that, although 47 per cent of people questioned have visited a social networking site in the last month, 11 per cent currently make purchases on internet channels.

Of those who do not direct their money towards online media, 11 per cent would consider internet subscriptions, attitudes that KPMG’s media partner David Elms states those involved in online marketing services could profit from challenging.

"Fully integrated business models will need to evolve that maximise revenues from the consumption of online media, whilst not undermining the heritage revenues from traditional media," he said.

Earlier this month, marketers were advised by Natasha Stokes of Mobile Choice to consider channelling their ad campaigns towards different demographics, following a Nielsen report which showed that women, teenagers and those over 65 make up the majority of new mobile internet surfers.

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