The process of search engine optimisation (SEO) has been described as a "long, strenuous journey" by one industry expert.

Patricio Robles, writing on the Econsultancy blog, observed that while the technique can help brands be successful, those new to the search engine marketing industry often ignore "some inconvenient truths".

A commitment of more than six months is required by those attempting SEO, he noted, saying that finding instant rewards in the sphere can be difficult.

Furthermore, Mr Robles emphasised that obtaining top-ranking search engine results is not always a possibility and that using SEO as a standalone marketing strategy is inadvisable.

"For the average person just starting out, SEO should be looked at as a potentially valuable part of a more comprehensive marketing strategy," he commented.

Earlier this month, it was suggested by Nan Rir that businesses using Google Analytics may see short-term improvements easier and more efficiently in their SEO campaigns.

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