Small Business Resources - Tips and TricksHave the Bavaria brewery from Holland taken a risk too far with their latest world attention grabbing marketing ploy at the World Cup? Or was it a calculated risk considering how the consumers will inevitably feel about the steps taken to protect the commercial interests at the World Cup?

Ambush marketing is hardly new on the world stage, having been seen at many events previously, particularly the Olympics. So, should marketers be thinking “All’s fair in love, war and games?” or should organisers permit sponsors to call all of the shots with exclusive access to global audiences in these instances?

Looking at the London Olympics, there is already dissension in the ranks about the major food sponsors and whether they should be associated with a sporting event, so it is highly likely that certain elements of our population will seek to protest in a way that does capture the news coverage. It may well also be that marketers who cannot afford the phenomenal rates for Olympic sponsorship and ads decide to do a little guerrilla marketing of their own. And the British are actually quite good at !

As a marketer, what do you think?

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