We all know how important it is to find sites that are willing to link back to us, but sometimes it can prove difficult to track down sites of high value with a loyal audience in our niche.

Here are 9 quick and easy ways to find sites that you can establish a link with.

Firstly, though, make your life much easier by downloading the SEO for Firefox tool. This will enable you to see at a glance how many site visitors the website you intend to link to receives, its Page Rank, the number of links to the site, its Alexa ranking, and much more.

The following are all very simple search terms that you can use to find sites to link to. Simply type your keywords or phrase and then add the term of your choice in quotation marks in the search box after your keyword.

eg internet marketing + “add URL”

1) add URL

2) add link

3) add site

4) suggest url

5) suggest link

6) suggest site

7) submit url

8) submit link

9) submit site

Keep a spreadsheet showing the details, such as PR, and whether you have submitted your site and when, and this will make it easy to keep an eye open for linkrot, or for sites whose PR has decreased or increased dramatically and so on.

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