For those on Twitter or with an iPhone, audio boos are likely to be well known, and are one of the most frequent tweets, whoever you follow.

For those who don’t know what an audio boo is, it is a short audio recording, usually accompanied by a static photo. In order to submit an audio boo, you require an iPhone as it is an iphone application, and hence the majority of audioboos are from individuals rather than businesses.

However, many companies are starting to realise the potential of audioboos to create short audio blog posts, rather like a very short podcast, which can be a heads up for new content on your website, notice of sales or discounts, comment about industry news, or a quick interview with an employee, supplier or customer.

Using multimedia to promote your business is becoming essential as we are fast moving beyond the static days of text and images on the web. So, if any of your staff have an iPhone, experiment with audioboos today to provide additional content for your website visitors, and promotional opportunities with the search engines and social media.

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