YouTube has unveiled new features designed to help advertisers' improve the targeting of their promotional clips.

The Google-owned site's senior product manager Baljeet Singh said the new video and channel exclusion options will give brands a greater degree of control over where their ads appear.

Previously, advertisers could use the site's internet marketing services to pick specific clips they wanted to target.

Now, they can also choose individual videos or entire channels to exclude from their campaigns.

Mr Singh said this will allow brands to stop ads appearing on videos that would not be appropriate for their audience. For example, a vegan bakery would be able to exclude FootNetworkTV videos featuring meat dishes.

"Alternatively, if your ads are appearing on a video that … perhaps isn't performing in terms of clickthrough rate or conversions, you can optimise your campaign by using this new feature to exclude it," he added.

YouTube was founded in February 2005. Today, around two billion clips are watched daily and 24 hours' worth of videos are uploaded every minute.

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