An industry observer has offered companies some tips on how to find the best natural search optimisation services – and how to avoid the worst ones.

Writing on Search Engine Watch, Adam Audette said the high demand for quality search engine optimisation services has prompted a number of agencies to try their arm at it without really being up to the job.

Finding the right company involves doing some homework and looking out for potential warning signs, he added.

Firstly, companies must define what they need from their search strategy. This could be attracting more traffic for cost per thousand ads, link building or boosting ecommerce conversions.

Mr Audette said firms should consider dipping a toe in the water with a pilot optimisation project.

When looking for a search engine optimisation company, brands should be wary of those offering "odd" pricing structures, such as by the page and packaged deals, as optimisation should take a holistic approach to highlighting a site's unique offerings while also testing innovative, creative methods for attracting the target audience.

In related news, Stephan Spencer of Search Engine Land recently said companies need keywords for optimisation that are not only relevant but also popular as there is "no point" chasing rankings for terms no one uses.

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