Internet marketing services may advertise clients on social media websites, as an expert has predicted the networks are important to customers.

Anders Sandberg, research fellow at the Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute, believes society will become increasingly reliant on the platforms.

"In a few generations we might be very dependent on it," he commented, explaining people desire the large communities like those made available by the sites.

"A fluid, global society might be much better off having a lot of weak ties and few strong ones," he argued.

However, responding to the issue of online privacy – one factor that could affect internet marketing services – the specialist argued it was important companies with the ability to collate information about consumers were kept track of.

A social media audience may be a happy one, as the Chartered Institute for IT's Information Dividend report recently showed networking and instant messaging were some of the most effective online activities when it came to improving people's mood.

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