Paid search marketers have been offered some tips on steps to take before the final round of transitions from Yahoo! to adCenter starts next week.

From October 11th, ad serving will switch to the Microsoft platform and the transfer of pay per click marketing accounts is expected to be completed by the final week of this month.

Yahoo! said advertisers should therefore ensure they have an adWords account – complete with campaigns and budgets – set up no later than October 25th, otherwise their ads will no longer appear on the Yahoo! Search network.

It added that as ad serving moves, marketers will notice clicks and impressions increasing on their adWords platform but declining on Yahoo!. Nevertheless, they should continue to manage their existing campaigns until the transfer process is complete.

Furthermore, the company advised advertisers to review their search engine marketing budgets as, based on comScore's August figures, Yahoo! and Microsoft's combined share of core searches in the US will be around 33.8 per cent.

This compares to a share of 60.5 per cent for Google.

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