Google has unveiled improvements to its Search Funnels reports following feedback from users.

Gordon Zhu of the search engine's pay per click marketing service AdWords said advertisers' responses to the analysis tool has been "very positive", with marketers using the data generated by the funnels to build a "path to conversion" that includes assisting keywords or ads viewed before a final click.

He said the first new improvement to the Search Funnels is the option to adjust the time span covered by the reports as a "buyer may take longer to research and buy a vacation package than purchase movie tickets".

The new option allows users to set a Conversion History Window to 30, 60 or 90 days prior to the final transaction.

Another new feature is the option to only view complete conversion paths.

Mr Zhu said some consumers sporadically clear cookies from their browsers, which can eliminate data on impressions or clicks that may have occurred beforehand.

Using the latest improvement, Search Funnels users will see less data overall, but they will have access to "truer, more complete conversion paths", he added.

Search Funnels were launched in beta form in March.

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