E-consultancy have recently published a very interesting article citing Google Chief Economist Hal Varian stating that research shows that position is not related to conversion rates.

So, whilst you may have staff dedicated to maintaining your position in the PPC SERPs, it could well be shown from this research that they would be better utilised if they focused on other internet marketing strategies.

Sure, being in the top 10, above your competitors, seems to bring in more clicks, but importantly, it does not seem to bring in more conversions. In other words, the position is not related to attracting quality, targeted traffic who will then complete the call for action, be that a purchase, download, sign up etc.

Whilst being in the top 10 rankings, or nowadays the top 20, is still of key importance, where you figure within those top adverts seems to be irrelevant to produce the results you require.

I can see a few PPC agencies laying off staff…….

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