Yahoo! has offered some advice on bids and budgeting to advertisers switching across to adCenter.

On its Search Marketing blog, the company said the transfer of its pay per click services to Microsoft's platform is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month, so now is the ideal time to examine spending limits and cost per click amounts.

In terms of budgeting, adCenter differs from Yahoo! in that users are required to set a monthly maximum at the campaign level, instead of a daily allowance across an account or campaign.

When users switch to the Microsoft system, their existing Yahoo! spending limit will be multiplied by 30 and divided even across their promotions.

It is worth bearing in mind that during the transition period, traffic levels are likely to rise for adCenter and fall for Yahoo!, so users will have to "closely monitor" their budgets across both platforms until the process is complete.

Elsewhere, Yahoo! said it is probably best to start with strong bids to secure top keywords, achieve the best position on results pages and maximise clicks.

Paid search marketers have been advised to set up their adCenter accounts no later than October 25th or their ads may no longer display on the Yahoo! Search network.

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