At first glance, the newly announced grants for Digital Britain innovation and feasibility studies would not seem to hold much interest for the SEO industry. But, looking deeper into the scope of projects being encouraged, it would seem there is a chance for some of the most innovative companies who are involved in next gen marketing to access the funding.

Digital marketing has gone way beyond just submitting to the search engines and performing a little SEO. Internet marketers are now reaching consumers through mobile devices, set top boxes and IPTV. Video is a growing marketing tool, and we are seeing more and more in the way of micropayments eg 59-79pp to upgrade your fave game or buy a song for your Ipod/Iphone.

If your company has an idea to enhance digital Britain from an internet marketing angle, this grant document is worth a read and a ponder. The deadline for applications is 1st October and the process opened today, 1st September. With £2m in the pot, it would be great to see some applications from the sectors who deal directly with consumers online and who understand many of the issues holding back e-commerce, content management, content creation and distribution, micro revenue streams and so on.

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