Google’s mobile-friendly update is definitely in the process of rolling out, despite many webmasters reporting little to no changes in mobile rankings.

The update is now completely live in some of Google’s data centres, but may take around a week and a half to roll out completely, Google’s John Mueller said in a Google+ Hangout this morning. By next week, he said, webmasters should see a “big change”.

Google uses at least 13 data centres to deliver search results to users. Because the update is only live in certain centres, users may currently see different results depending on their location – or even depending on the time of day they use mobile search.

In the Hangout, viewer Joshua Berg asked: “People who are […] tracking the mobile-friendly update are saying that they’re seeing very small change – now, into the third day, [there’s] nothing unusual. Is that just because it’s expected to be slowly rolling out, or is it just not going into effect yet?”

Here’s Mueller’s response:

It’s definitely rolling out. I know in some of the data centers its already rolled out completely. So that is something where I think you will probably see that change over the course of a week, maybe a week and a half – something like that.

From the first day to the next day, I don’t think you’ll see a big change. But if you compare last week to next week, then you should see a big change.

And I’ve seen some blog posts out there have noticed it’s different, and tried to document the difference between the desktop results and new mobile results. So there are definitely people noticing it.

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