Search engine optimisation specialists must think about the way in which they interpret data in order to create more targeted content, according to one expert.

Senior vice-president of search products at Yahoo! Shashi Seth said in an interview with Search Engine Land's Gord Hotchkiss that the differing behavior of people using devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs means marketers will have to deal with more sophisticated information.

"Knowing and providing details about users, their habits, what kind of content are they likely to interact with … and then changing that advertising and marketing message to fit that individual user is going to become increasingly important," he stated.

Mr Shah added that taking elements such as intent, the device a person may be using, location and other aspects could "make for a pretty complex landscape" that could result in a change in the way companies approach search advertising.

It was also recently predicted by Ciaran Norris that the increasingly social nature of individuals' online behavior will also affect the way in which marketers need to operate.

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