Mobile is far and away the most preferred method for viewing emails, according to recent research by Movable Ink. The company recorded that 71% of email opens in Q1 2015 occurred on a mobile device, with smartphones the largest contributors with 42% of email opens.

According to Mobile Ink, Apple devices proved most popular with iPhones accounting for more than 33% of all email opens, while iPads were slightly behind at 30%. In comparison, Android’s share was less than 9%.

However, conversion rates for mobiles still lag behind, with users preferring to convert via desktop, which saw 40% of all UK email marketing conversions in the first quarter of the year. Tablets came in a close second at 37%, while smartphones saw only 12% of conversions.

The research results echoed ClickThrough’s own cross-device testing conclusions, which also saw mobile pushing ahead as a research medium, while conversion still took place on a desktop. To find out more read our Mobile Vs Desktop blog from last month.

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