Search engine optimisation companies need to make their campaigns personal to individual consumers if they are to be successful in what is a highly competitive market.

In an article for UTalk Marketing, Juliet Hills stated marketers needed to monitor their customers' behaviour in order to offer targeted promotions that are relevant to what they are looking for.

Citing research from Jupiter, she claimed that a personalised email marketing campaign could increase returns by up to 18 times compared with a more generic approach.

"In order to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, it is vital that the right information is monitored and used correctly," Ms Hills continued.

She added that successful management of the information gathered from visitors to a website could be the difference between a good and a poor campaign.

It was also recently stated by Yahoo!'s Shashi Seth in an interview with Search Engine Land that marketers would have to look at data in new ways in order to create the most effective promotions.

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