The rise of Facebook is difficult to ignore and the latest trend appears to be joining Just For Fun groups that are utterly pointless. For instance, I hate the little triangle that is never wiped by the windscreen wiper, Trying to turn on the lightswitch with your head whilst your hands are full, Sometimes I mentally narrate my life as though I am in a novel, When I realised the word “bed” looks like a bed, my mind was blown and so on, pretty much ad infinitum.

If you are a fun loving company looking to raise brand awareness, all you need do is sit down, come up with 20, 50 or 100 equally pointless but fun groups, create a Facebook group page for each one with your branding on it, and start joining and promoting your own groups.

Make sure that the link to each group goes on the news and live feeds, and sit back and watch your branding reach an audience of potentially millions.

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