Bing has introduced some new features to its internet marketing services which it claims will improve the quality of the results it delivers by making them more personal.

In a post on the search engine's official blog, Aidan Crook and Sanaz Ahari stated that they are currently testing several methods of providing more targeted results for individual users, including location-based service and looking at past history.

They explained that Bing can now remember the websites a user has utilised its services to find on previous visits and move these pages to the top of its results pages if the same query is entered again.

"This new personal search feature uses this human behaviour as its core premise – if Bing thinks a user is trying to 're-find' a site, the relevant result is promoted to the top position on the page," the team said.

It was revealed this week by Experian Hitwise that searches performed on Bing are more likely to yield a positive result than those on Google, as 81.54 per cent of Bing searches result in a visit to a website, compared with 65.58 per cent on Google.

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