Social MediaIt has to be time to ask – is this innovation or are they all following the cloud crowd?

An interesting social media cartoon has surfaced today….implying that each of the CEOs of the top social media players are watching, and imitating, their competitors far too closely.

Is it accurate? Well, without access to each CEO, it can only be guesswork, but are we not all beginning to feel that there is a deal of toe-stepping and encroaching on each other’s territories going on?

In fact, aren’t many of the social media worlds beginning to look remarkably similar? Even SXSW failed to throw up a clear winner in innovation this year.

As a business looking to use social media for your internet marketing campaigns, it may be worth considering whether during the next year these companies are going to become ever closer, whether one will find a unique selling point, or whether 2 years of similarities may force a new player out of the box?

And if they are all much of a muchness, where do you put your budget if there is barely a cigarette paper to fit between them over the coming months?

Your thoughts would be welcomed.

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