Major companies block access to it, many poo-poo it as the haunt of the shallow-minded seeking to share their everyday trivia with the world, and many marketers just haven’t adapted it into their social media strategy. (Usually for at least the above reasons – there are more).

And yet, Facebook is now the number 1 communications tool according to a survey by Prompt Communications. Netimperative state in their article:

When consumers were asked which method they used most frequently to communicate, 37 percent said SMS followed by Facebook and the phone at 28 percent. Respondents feel that email is now less important than social media, but only 20 percent said they could live without it entirely.

So, are you giving your potential and existing customers every opportunity to communicate with you using the method fo their choice? Also, just before you ramp up a new email marketing campaign, think about who your target audience are and which methods they might respond best to. Do you need to be looking at integrated marketing media rather than sticking to the same old techniques?

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