We all make mistakes when we’re learning something new, and Internet Marketing can be a new development for many businesses, particularly when it comes to utilising social media for marketing purposes.

It’s vital for business owners to integrate social media as a new component in their marketing strategy every day. Here’s how to avoid making a social media strategy faux pas.

1. Don’t set up your profile, and ignore it forever.

2. Don’t ignore customers and followers in need, surely the point of having a social media presence is so that customers can contact you in this way and ask for advice and assistance.

3. Don’t discourage discussion.  Opinions of customers are vitally important and social media can encourage debate and discussion – view it as a free focus group that can give you an honest insight into the views of your consumer base.

4. Don’t give up after three weeks. You won’t see results from social media marketing right away so be patient and understand that it takes lots of commitment and nurturing to develop a successful community through any social network

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