Developing a link strategy for your website is an important step in the SEO process.  Link popularity is a measure of how many websites pages link to your own web pages. By counting the number of pages that contain a link to your website (also called “inbound links”) allows us to calculate your link popularity.
Reciprocal linking

The simplest and potentially cheapest way to generate links to your website, reciprocal linking is where you place a link on your site to a particular site and they place a link from their site to yours.

Short Anchor Text

Carefully created anchor text using your best keywords from your title, page description AND actual page content creates an important association between the site linking to you and your own website.

Non reciprocal links

One way links (non reciprocal so you do not have to link back) to your website are given more importance by search engines.  Getting these involves an effort in creating original content and placing on the pages of your website. People (and search engines) like good content and will happily link to it.

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