The Internet was ‘invented’ by English speakers, but as the growth of PC purchase has spread even to the most impoverished nations, so we have seen a rise in the number of non-native English speakers accessing the Web and seeking products and services from other countries.

If your website is not tailored to communicate with these potential customers, you are missing out on an enormous marketplace full of customers seeking your products and services.

10 different reasons to adopt a multi lingual approach to internet marketing include:

* Reaching out to non-English speakers

* Cost-effective marketing

* Attracting new customers

* Increased sales

* Demonstrating customer awareness

* Building trust

* Showing cultural sensitivity

* Gaining competitive advantage

* Demonstrating your presence in the international market

* Search engine optimisation

It is easy from the above list to see how adopting a multi-lingual approach to your marketing could yield a far greater market share and sales than sticking purely to a single geographic region, monocultural strategy.

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