Searching through Google will take much less time after the company introduced a new Instant Pages feature.

The new system will save several seconds on every search by predicting which result a user will click on.

A series of complex algorithms use previous search history to determine the most likely destination for a user’s click.

Google pre-loads the predicted page in the background, meaning it loads instantly when the search result is clicked.

Currently, it can take between two and five seconds for a webpage to load from Google’s search results.

Google hopes the change will give users more time to surf meaningful content on the Internet, rather than wait for search pages to load.

The company claims trials showed the speed of Instant Pages encouraged people to make more searches in one visit to Google, a side-effect which could greatly improve online marketing for businesses.

Instant Pages will be introduced to Google’s Chrome browser over the coming weeks, with extensions planned for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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