Social media is a hot topic at the moment and one that generates a lot of discussion. The way it can be utilised for marketing opportunities has grown just as vastly as the medium itself.

Sarah Goodall, writing for, has stated that social media marketing is not, however, just as simple as “adding a tweet in amongst the emails, telemarketing calls and direct mailings.”

Rather than just being another “tactic” used to increase sales, Goodall instead suggests that social media is an enabler for a more social business.

And as a result, instead of firing out as many messages as possible in the hope one will catch on, she says that the process should be about “listening and engaging where prospects and customers are.”

By listening and then acting upon provided ideas and advice given within the social media sphere, an “exceptional service can be delivered,” she said.

Ultimately a more social business is one which seeks to connect its brand as closely as possible to its customers, she added.

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