Search engine Google has updated its URL submission tools, according to a report featured on Search Engine Watch’s website.

To improve SEO capabilities, the ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ tool allows users to get their new, updated sites and pages collected and submitted for a quicker review.

Those submitting a lot of content, or a whole site, can simply submit the page ‘fetched’ by Google and, at the same time, all pages connected to it will be submitted too.

Understandably, to prevent high levels of spam, there is a limit to the number of fetches any user can carry out per week – currently 50.

Also newly added is a crawl request form; specifically created for pages that aren’t yet verified, this form has the same submission limit number as Fetch.

It is thought that Google’s Fetch tool will prove to be a useful addition, especially for businesses looking to optimise their site content for upcoming time sensitive events.

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