Never one to re-invent the wheel unnecessarily, it seems worthwhile to point our readers in the direction of a well-written and lucid article about the pros and cons of the different PPC offers from the major search engines. In fact, we shall undoubtedly be pointing you to the whole series during this coming week!

There is a timely reminder at the outset of the article just how large a share Google Adwords has of the paid search market – approx 70% – so if you only run one PPC campaign, it ought logically to be on Google. However, it is important to remember that running a PPC campaign can only work well if you make time to optimise the campaign, and that does mean attempting to understand what is in the Google (and other search engines’) box of tricks.

Yahoo are next in volume of search traffic, and it is worth remembering that many people still stick to the default options which come with their computer and browser. Many people are so utterly unaware of how a browser works that they will type ‘Google’ into the Yahoo search bar to reach Google, rather than just changing their homepage to Google or typing the URL into the location bar if Google is their preferred search engine! These visitors will apply the same thinking (or lack of!) to finding you so don’t ignore Yahoo PPC. The same applies to MSN search bar (which invariably comes as the homepage on a pre-installed copy of internet Explorer), and hence the Microsoft AdCenter network.

Both of these can bring surprising amounts of quality traffic, and should not be ignored.  However, if you have a limited amount of time and budget for PPC, consider employing someone who can focus on optimizing your campaign and who keeps up to date with the continual changes in PPC. Not just the reporting aspects and hence optimising correctly, but who can also manage your campaign and keep your budget down to the minimum for maximum results. This will bear fruit and free you up to do more exciting internet marketing and promotion …..more tomorrow.

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