It is well known that pay per click marketing campaigns can be expensive and time-consuming. The ultimate reward of a fantastic ROI (return on investment), however, makes it all worth it.

Writing for American Express Open Forum, Stacey Politi has created a list; featuring ten steps that can be taken to improve pay per click marketing campaigns and, more importantly, ROI.

Here are just a few of the tips provided by Politi:

  • Coax people in with an offer they can’t refuse – The PPC market is inundated with competition, therefore you need to make your ad different. Politi states: “Are you running a promotion? Is shipping free? Offer value and then capitalize on it with a call-to-action.” By including terms like ‘learn more’, searchers are more likely to act on the advert.
  • It needs testing – You can’t just expect to start up a PPC campaign and expect the best results, it just doesn’t work like that. Intricate testing and in-depth analysis are necessary. Testing a number of adverts at the same time is also important, however remember to run just one variable per time and ensure that the testing phase is long enough to gather good data – this will only help in the long run.
  • Be aware of your Google quality score – Google Quality Score is the overall determiner of your AdWords account ranking, and this is vastly important as it helps to determine where on the search page your ad will feature. If you stick to the rules set by Google AdWords on a consistent basis, your score is more likely to be higher. A sudden drop in the score should set the alarm bells ringing and shouldn’t be ignored.

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